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UND Aerospace UAS Test Range Located at Gorman Field

The UND Aerospace UAS Test Range located at Gorman Field is an ideal location for testing and training new UAS technology.

Located at the heart of North Dakota's UAS ecosystem, UND Aerospace makes testing and training easy and affordable while providing your organization with the valuable data you need.

BVLOS Testing

The Gorman Field UAS Test Range is ideal for working with the FAA for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) testing. Utilizing the DeTect™ HARRIER radar, electronic observers receive real-time airspace and surveillance with definable risk alerts. The HARRIER security and surveillance radar provides full surveillance coverage from ground level to altitudes up to 20,000 feet, with ranges out to 20+ miles. The system can function as a multi-purpose sensor for simultaneous detection, alerting, and tracking of aircraft and vehicles.

Power Lines

Convenient integration with the Northern Plains UAS Test Site

Working closely with the Northern Plains UAS Test Site, the Gorman Field UAS Test Range can provide turn-key coordination with the FAA, allowing you fast access to airspace.

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Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

Our newly-completed facility has space available for aircraft or sensor modifications, flight planning, and pre/post-flight meetings. Outside we have a 300' aerodrome runway for fixed gear aircraft, a launch pad for catapult or VTOL aircraft, and a 16' tall deck for visual observers.

Gorman Field Hangar

Electronic Observers

Fit up with an active radar system, UND Aerospace can also provide access to an electronic observer position, and/or provide electronic observers to assist with your traffic mitigation and safety planning.

Electronic Observation

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